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Notice about 2020-2021 Spring Semester

The arrangements for 2020-2021 spring semester are as follows:


1. 2020-2021 spring semester will start from Feb. 22 (Mon.) and end on June 18 (Fri.). The first 3 weeks will conduct on-campus teaching as the main means supplemented with online teaching. Students shall return to school in certain periods of time as required. Specifics are as follows:


Postgraduates: Feb. 21 (Sun.)

Undergraduates (the 4thyear): Mar. 6 (Sat.)

Undergraduates (the 3rdyear) and higher vocational students (the 3rdyear): Mar. 7 (Sun.)

Undergraduates (the 2ndyear) and higher vocational students (the 2ndyear): Mar. 13 (Sat.)

Undergraduates (the 1styear), higher vocational students (the 1styear), preparatory students and international students (already in China): Mar. 14 (Sun.)


2020-2021 summer semester will start from June. 21 (Mon.) and end on July 23 (Fri.).


2. All faculty and staff will begin work from Feb. 22 (Mon.). And all faculty and staff shall be in place on campus from Mar. 15 (Mon.).


3. Teachers and students from medium-risk or high-risk areas, or from cities where the medium-risk or high-risk areas are located, or from overseas won’t return to school until receiving further notice.

4. The follow-up exams of 2020-2021 fall semester will be arranged from Mar. 20 (Sat.) to Mar. 21 (Sun.). Please see the main page of Academic Affairs Office for details.