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Video Conference Held between SSPU and BO

 April. 30, 2021  |  International Office


On the afternoon of April 29, Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) and Bochum University of Applied Sciences (BO), Germany, held a video conference, discussing the cooperation of the Sino-foreign joint education programs Mechatronics Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering at undergraduate level. SSPU President Prof. Xie Huaqing, Vice President Dr. Mo Liangjin, BO President Prof. Jürgen Bock, and Mr. Su Qing, General Manager of ZIMA Technology & Info Consulting GmbH attended the conference.



President Xie expressed gratitude to BO for the support and efforts to the joint programs and showed confidence in the cooperative prospect between the two sides. Prof. Jürgen Bock and Dr. Mo Liangjin introduced the two universities respectively. Both sides agreed that the two universities shared similarities as a university of applied sciences, which would lay a solid foundation for the collaboration. It was hoped that the two sides would push for the success of the joint programs and carry out an all-round cooperation in student mobility, teacher collaboration, scientific research, etc. 


SSPU International Office briefed on the progress, preparation of the application materials and the expectation of the joint programs, and responded to BO’s concerns. The two sides also had an in-depth negotiation on some details related to the joint programs, including the student scale, teacher resources, students’ German language proficiency, the signing of MOU and cooperative agreements, etc.


The attendees also included heads of SSPU International Office and College of Engineering, Directors of Mechatronics Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering and German Language, and on BO side, Ms. Katrin Heymann, Head of International Office, Prof. Markus Lemmen, Speaker and Chairman for Campus Heiligenhaus, and Prof. Daniel Schilberg, Vice Dean of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering.